Brush up on the ‘kinesiology’ of movement for yourself as a teacher or student, a personal trainer, Yoga enthusiast, Pilates person, and more…

on line or in person

Anatomy/Kinesiology On- Line Courses:         appropriate for exercise science majors, personal trainers, fitness instructors, Yoga & Pilates instructors and students- earn CE credits and increase your understanding of how the body really works.  If interested, inform Jo Ann on the contact page.

“Jo Ann’s method of describing and guiding students into understanding the complexities of our body, of human anatomy and physiology, was simply the best, most comprehensive, and certainly the most manageable, I have ever experienced.”  Darcy Miller, Denver, yoga teacher with over 100 anatomy hrs   

 Study the intricacies of the human body in beautiful places:  Costa Rica, Colorado, Northwest NJ, the South of France, California, El Salvador!

Visit Centre Terra Nova in the South of France July 2015 for 100 hr yoga training in Anatomy & Asana and/or retreat for contemplation and transformation 

You can segue Jo Ann’s anatomy courses into a full 200hr TeacherTraining program in Costa Rica at the Center for Natural Living at Rancho Margot Organic Resort, near Arenal Volcano within the year to receive full Yoga Teacher Training certification!

Classes taught by Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones,  author of Anatomy & Kinesiology books through Lotus Publishing: 

      contact Jo Ann at for questions,                   and register early!

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