Week 25)  Refresh yourself:  eat organic & fresh, drink lots of good water, exercise in the new snow we just got in New Jersey!

Week 24) Is spring ever coming?  Time to get out the bikes…or hike!

Week 23} The deep, mysterious psoas major is the only muscle in the body that connects the upper extremity (lumbar spine) to the lower (femur)- no wonder it can get ‘abused’, usually because it is tight from sitting too much, or overused from athletic endeavors.   Therefore, the release of the muscle is most important.  The best release techniques are the ones you can do yourself, such as Constructive Rest Position (pgs 20-22, The Vital Psoas Muscle.  Mildly stretching the muscle will also help.

Week 22)  Winter is here:  keep walking!

Week 21)  Try the Five Tibetan Rites for anti aging and wellness- thank you, Jeroen!

Week 20) What are you doing this weekend?  Hopefully enjoying the end of summer in the outdoors – name a few places you love…

Week 19)  STAY COOL!  Look how Colleen & Dee do it while working in the corporate     world – they get up and STRETCH!

Week 18)  OK, so now it’s summer -what are you doing that benefits YOU?

Week 17)  What are you doing?!?  It’s spring, get outside!  Enjoy the sun, the rain, and all new growth…

Week 16)  Winter tip:  keep the core engaged and lifted through all your winter sports, especially skiing, cross-country, snowshoeing and snow shoveling! This protects your lower back and gets the weight out of the hips and knees.

Week 15)  If you have been sitting for awhile, stand up and stretch by placing hands on the small of the back for support, lifting the core and chest, and pushing hips forward slightly.  Do not crunch into the lower back, and don’t forget to BREATHE!

See more information on my Facebook Page, The Psoas Connection
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Week 14)  Re-vitalize!  Do some inversions; you can follow the link:

Week 13)  Stay out of harm’s way.  Meditation helps.

Week 12)  ”Legs Up The Wall” aids the spine, hips, and mind.  A gentle inversion to help circulation, correct alignment, and relax.

“Don’t knock it until you try it”, the ‘OC Chicks’ say!

Week 11)  See how the psoas major is the only muscle that connects the upper to lower body: Iliopsoas

Week 10)  Here is the first Newsletter, which begins a series of articles on amazing, adventurous people who inspire others to ‘keep moving’!  Contact me to recommend someone you know who fits this category.

May Newsletter 2012

 Week 9)  New psoas article post in Choice Health Magazine, UK and abroad:

Press Article From CHOICE WELL BEING 2012

Week 8)  Give yourself some special time:  take a daily or weekend retreat!

Week 7)  Get up when you wake up, go to bed when you are tired.  How simple is that?  Not very, in our frantic lives, but your body is trying to tell you something.


Week 6) Take a walk in the woods!  

And to lift your spirits, eat/drink the following mood foods:  bananas, walnuts, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate, eggs, and drink black, green, white or herbal teas (no sugar!)

Week 5)  Give yourself a 5 minute RETREAT from daily stresses:  light a candle when all is quiet and dim, focus on the light, and clear your mind.

Week 4)  The PSOAS muscle – where is it and what does it do?! Pronounced ‘so-az’, this is a deep core muscle that can affect posture, movement, emotions, and energies.  It attaches to the lumbar spine, passes in front of the pelvis, and inserts on the inside of the femur; therefore the only muscle in the human body that connects the upper to the lower extremity.  Just think how important that is!  Since it is probably overused, try to release it by assuming the Constructive Rest Position: CRP

Leg strength, stretch and spinal alignment

Week 3)  The best stretch and strength conditioning program:  YOGA!  Take one class this week and send me your comments.  Just like any another class situation, find the right teacher and movement level for you.  Yoga is receiving a bad rap because some people are getting injured- this is merely because either the instructor or class level was not right for you, or you pushed yourself beyond a safe limit -not surprising in today’s society!  Yoga’s main mantra is “do no harm“; exercise, breath work, a sense of ‘cleansing’ and feeling good about yourself and others, these are some of the many benefits of yoga.

Week 2)  Let’s change our sitting habits!  Think of something you can do standing, that you usually do sitting (please, not driving or bathroom duties).  Today I was working with spices, and stood at the counter instead of sitting at the table.  How about swinging, like this?  

Please share your ideas below.

Week 1)  Begin your day with a walk or run (whether you have a dog, beach, or not).  Walking is the most natural exercise, and best when done outdoors, regardless of the season.  It is good for the cardiovascular system, incorporates breath work, and invigorates the very soul.

The American Cancer Society has linked sitting more than 4 hours a day to a shorter life span for both males and females – how many hours do you sit daily?

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