Jo Ann will present special PSOAS WORK from her new book during the in-depth yoga anatomy course at Centre Terra Nova in the South of France Sept 28-Oct. 3.     Classes every morning in stretching and strengthening through yoga, plus private release work, with time to enjoy the beautiful countryside and eat ‘fresh from the locals’ vegetarian meals, all inclusive training and accommodations.  Details on the Teacher Training page.

(For more upcoming Psoas – related classes, go to Workshops/Retreats page)

I have received many emails from people all over the world who have read the book, The Vital Psoas Muscle.  I am so glad to have reached those who are interested in this deep core muscle that has such an effect on connections throughout the body…

Some of you have asked for the exercise routine I spoke of in the appendix of the book,

here it is and hope it helps:  PSOAS, HIP & LOWER BACK

Also try this link for a guided release technique (CRP) for the Psoas and ALL muscles:

For a copy of the book, go to


Check out TIP OF THE WEEK for more info on this important muscle, and please like the Psoas Connection on Facebook:

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